Special guest training

The first training sessions this year are a fact. Airsoft Team Assen is ready for a next-level training lead by a special ‘guest’.

11.30 AM: A.T.A. brothers gather at safe house Naiul & Serious Joker. Like we haven’t seen each other for years, we greet each other with our ‘ATAHUG’. For everyone it’s the first time we’ll be attending a special training in our private facility.

12.01 PM: Heading out to our private training facility.

12.15 PM: Getting dressed, checking all replicas, mags filling with BB’s. There’s an exciting and slightly nervous atmosphere.

12.30 PM: Special guest arrives with his driver. We suddenly realise that the driver is a special guest as well, o god… first coffee. The special guest introduce themselves and after a short briefing it’s time to get started.

01:00 PM : Training in Building Approach – Hallway Clearing – Room Clearing – Positions and Roles – Ascending, Descending and Clearing Stairs – Fatal Funnel – Domination and Communication.

05:00 PM: We could go on for hours, but realised the training is over. One small detail, there’s only a handful of BB’s that left our magazines. This unique training was educational and a amazing experience for all A.T.A. brothers.

Shout-out to King JoJo who made this happen and many, many thanks to our special guests! We’re looking forward to the follow-up training!